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Score Videos
Score Videos Score: 82.8 Public Date: 2015-03-22
Honestly we don’t really get the idea of this site to be honest… ( Well we do actually but don’t get it why would anyone fall for these things…) What we mean is, that why make a site that offers only videos that could be easily put on other network sites… These scenes offer nothing extraordinary (they are really good don’t think they are not, but no new niche or fetish can be seen in them) so why not upload them to existing sites? Sorry for our brainfart, from now on, we’re focusing on the site and content! The design is pretty basic network stuff, it is a little bit simpler, and there aren’t that many ads, but overall it looks like the other network sites, so it is not bad.
Niches: Big Boobs   Hardcore   Videos  
Interracial GF Videos
Interracial GF Videos Score: 71.2 Public Date: 2015-06-02
There is nothing better than hardcore sex with gorgeous amateur babes who adore sex, and hard cocks in general! This time, we have an interracial site in which you’ll see how badly these horny babes want these black cocks in them! You get all types of hardcore interracial sex you can think of! The studs have really massive cocks, the babes are horny as hell, so as you can see everything is given for a great pastime on the site. The design is pretty decent, there is nothing bad about it, except the header part, which is a bit too much is you ask us. There are too many images in one image, that is full with texts and ads…
Niches: Amateur   Interracial   Videos  
Public GF Videos
Public GF Videos Score: 82.3 Public Date: 2016-04-05 focuses on the beauty of young amateur babes who are willing to do all types of nasty soft and hardcore action in front of the site. There are scenes where these stunning amateur teens pose without clothes, there are scenes where they tease and strip, but as we mentioned there are hardcore images and videos with them as well! Cock sucking, facials, anal sex, regular sex, lesbian action, threesomes… These are all in their repertoire! The site has a pretty youthful design with a lot of sample images of these fantastic amateur babes which is good, since it gives you a little insight of the offered material!
Niches: Amateur   Outdoor   Reality   Videos  
429 Videos
429 Videos Score: 76.9 Public Date: 2016-04-07 is the passport site of the 429 Videos network, which offers a ton of gay related hardcore and softcore material for the future members! On the site you’ll get all types of handsome studs from skinny to muscular and chubby, from European to Chinese or African American! Often these studs pose and tease with their huge dicks, while in other harder scenes they get blown or they fuck some other handsome gay stud’s ass hole! So as you can see there is no shortage in hardcore fucking or softcore teasing! The design of the site changes a bit for the worse when you log in after several redirects so it is everything but good!
Niches: Gay   Videos  
Bear BF Videos
Bear BF Videos Score: 77.5 Public Date: 2016-04-07
These days those men who are more metrosexual are considered to be the role model, they are the ones who are called sexy, hot and handsome, but not everyone is thinking this way! For those who are into more bigger guys who are a bit chubby and hairy, we introduce this hardcore gay site called the! On it gay studs with big hairy bodies, tease, take self shots and do all types of nasty hardcore anal and oral sex! If you are tired of skinny Emo guys or perfectly shaped Greek gods, these studs will beguile for sure!
Niches: Gay   Videos  
Black BF Videos
Black BF Videos Score: 77.0 Public Date: 2016-04-07
In this review, we will show you a gay adult site which is focusing on those famous black studs! The site tries to prove you those myths and legends that black studs have bigger cocks like studs from other ethnicities! Although we won’t comment on this subject, we will say a few words about the site and the material itself! As you see, here they feature hot black studs with massive cocks in both hard and softcore related scenes! There will be amateur videos that give you great tease shows, some posing or even a little jerk off action, while in other gay related materials, these black dudes fuck tight little gay asses or get blown by cute gay princesses!
Niches: Amateur   Gay   Interracial   Videos  
Emo BF Videos
Emo BF Videos Score: 76.4 Public Date: 2016-04-07
We know that there are a lot of Emo babe lovers out there, but this time we are not reviewing a hardcore site that features hot Emo babes in their content, but a hardcore site that focuses on gay Emo guys! These studs do every type of adult action from hardcore anal sex to softcore teasing, and stripping! Basically everyone who is into gay porn will find something for him or herself on the site! There are light anal scenes, but you can also find some raw and wild hardcore fucking! All of these “models” are amateur, so it is easier to identify with the studs!
Niches: Amateur   Gay   Videos  
Hot BF Videos
Hot BF Videos Score: 73.9 Public Date: 2016-04-07
There are amateur adult sithe that feature amateur models… There are adult sites that feature decent looking models and there are sites such as this that not only focus on gay sex and the gay niche, but they also feature super hot studs in their content! These handsome amateur guys and men are here to blow cocks, get their ass drilled, fuck their partner in the ass and do some softcore posing without a shirt or while they are completely naked! This is the kind of material you should expect from the site, but whether is a recommended gay site or not, we are about to find out!
Niches: Amateur   Gay  
Hung BF Videos
Hung BF Videos Score: 76.3 Public Date: 2016-04-07
This review is about, which is a hardcore gay site, that focuses on handsome muscular studs who like to show their massive cocks, who like to pose, and who like the feel of tight ass holes around their cocks! There are more hardcore videos on the site than softcore, so you’ll mostly see hardcore anal sex, gay blowjobs and some messy oral teasing between these handsome dudes! If you like muscles, big cocks and a lot of gay sex, this site will probably give you a great pastime.
Niches: Gay  
Ripped BF Videos
Ripped BF Videos Score: 77.1 Public Date: 2016-04-07 is an adult gay site, but not just any adult gay site! Here the amateur models that you see in the material are not just handsome gay studs, but they have the bodies of Greek Gods! These gay studs that you’re about to see on the site are all in fantastic shape, they all have amazing muscles, mind blowing abs and biceps as huge as a ball! Thankfully these ripped gay studs, do not only pose without their shirt, but they also do some great hardcore sex with a lot of cock sucking, and ass drilling!
Niches: Amateur   Gay  
Twink BF Videos
Twink BF Videos Score: 0.0 Public Date: 2014-04-18

Niches: Gay  
Asian GF Videos
Asian GF Videos Score: 73.9 Public Date: 2015-05-16
For those of you who are into the Asian niche and Asian amateur porn, we introduce yet another porn site! The site is called, and it promises to give great softcore and hardcore related videos. Once you open the site, the you’ll see that they feature some really gorgeous Asian babes are get involved into all types of action! This is a bit misleading, since once you log in, the picture completely changes!
Niches: Amateur   Asian   Videos   Young Adults  
Amateur Bondage Videos
Amateur Bondage Videos Score: 77.3 Public Date: 2015-04-29
The combination of amateur models and the bondage niche may seem a bit steep, but if you check out the material you get on the site, you’ll learn that this was a really great idea by the creators of the Fetish Wealth Network, and you’ll have a great pastime browsing the material if you are a fan of BDSM, bondage and light sex torture and punishment! The site itself doesn’t look good at all, there are too many annoying banners, ads and flashing texts on the site, and that ruins the design really badly! There are some images and teasers about the material, so you get a strong idea about the material but overall, the design and layout isn’t the best!
Niches: BDSM   Fetish   Videos  
Breast Bondage Videos
Breast Bondage Videos Score: 63.5 Public Date: 2015-06-06
This review is about a fetish site called Brest Bondage Videos! As you can clearly see, the material is about tits and BDSM, so we are looking towards this site and its material! We have seen a lot of BDSM sites in the past, but not many were focusing only on the bondage of the female tits, boobs, and boobies! Like in every BDSM material the babes are tied up, but in this case their tits are also roped and the focus is on them titties! Some babes have hug breasts, others have small ones, but one thing is common in every chick, and that is that their boobies are tied up due to which they swell and get red from the huge amount of blood!
Niches: BDSM   Fetish   Videos  
Foot Dom Videos
Foot Dom Videos Score: 73.3 Public Date: 2015-06-01
While you have probably seen feet fetish, female domination and BDSM sites, you probably haven’t seen the combination of these niches on one hardcore site! The site we are talking about is, which gives you great femdom hardcore action with a little feet fetish and BDSM style domination and punishment! Here you will get various scenes of females dominating dudes and other sexy babes with their feet. They stamp on them, the femdoms tease their slave with their feet and you will see a lot of footjob action in combination with nylons.
Niches: Femdom   Fetish   Foot Fetish  
Japanese Femdom Videos
Japanese Femdom Videos Score: 67.9 Public Date: 2015-06-05
Those of you who are regular porn viewers know that when it comes to Japanese porn, the variety of bizarre and extreme fetishes is endless! You get some really bizarre materials from Asia which is completely normal in their world… This time we brought you a hardcore fetish site that isn’t that bizarre, but unique in its own way! On you get super stirring female domination with various fetishes going from light to extreme! These mean femdoms torture their slaves with various methods and intensity! In the material you can expect a lot of bondage and hardcore punishment in BDSM style, but waxing or the spank fetish isn’t far away from them either.
Niches: Asian   Femdom   Videos  
Nylon Fetish Videos
Nylon Fetish Videos Score: 73.6 Public Date: 2015-05-29
The name says it all! is all about gorgeous glamour models in sexy lingerie, with nylons and heels! The site focuses on the beauty of female legs and feet in combination with sexy lingerie and some light lesbian action! The material is “swimming” in sensuality, and the babes in these lesbian niche videos… One word… Glamorous! There may be pantyhose related sites that offer more content, but as far as the beauty of the babes and the nylon related lesbian action they do is unmatched!
Niches: Fetish   Legs N Nylons   Videos  
Nylon Feet Videos
Nylon Feet Videos Score: 0.0 Public Date: 2016-04-19 is another feet fetish related site on the Ferro Network, and thus, it features amazing hardcore videos with the feet fetish and nylons in focus! All of the material is related to footjobs, the feet fetish and nylons! The babes get licked and fucked while wearing sexy pantyhose and stockings, they give footjobs and caress cocks with their feet in nylons, and there are scenes where the studs cum on the feet of the babes to finish the action with style, which is true to the niche of the site.
Niches: Fetish   Foot Fetish   Legs N Nylons  
69 Gay Videos
69 Gay Videos Score: 62.3 Public Date: 2015-06-12
The fact that the word 69 and gay are in a same name has a pretty strong reference of what is on this hardcore site, bit if you for some reson didn’t get the message, here it goes! This is a hardcore gay site, where you will see a lot of gay stud on gay stud action, in which they tease each orally, and they fuck each other’s ass hard in several positions, not only in 69! On the site, besides the hardcore action, you will see some really sexy studs with the bodies of Greek Gods!
Niches: Gay   Hardcore   Videos  
VideosZ Score: 88.7 Public Date: 2015-04-10
Today we have an interesting porn site that delivers almost all fetishes and all niches, with super hot babes from teens to matures in some nasty hardcore style porn videos. You will get great anal scenes, nice solo masturbations, desirable lesbo material, rought cunt drilling and gang bangs... You name it, thay have it! On the site they feature the hottets porn stars, the hottest babes and the nastyest hardcore porn you can think of. The babes are really flawless, from slim hotties to busty sluts thay feature all types of hotties. Just like their models, the design of is really great. It is simple, light and most of all user friendly, where everything is at “hands reach”.
Niches: DVDs   Hardcore   Videos