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Teen Core Zine
Teen Core Zine Score: 66.0 Public Date: 2015-06-04 promises us hot and horny teen babes, who strip, tease, pose and do some sensual lesbian softcore tease in front of the camera! These cuties proudly show their gorgeous teen bodies when they take off the clothes they have on! As for the design… well we have to start with a really big and annoying con! As soon as we entered the site, there is a huge ad covering a big portion of the main page, which can’t be exited, you have to accept the offer they give you and than the ad will disappear… This is really annoying, and… You don’t need to make an already average design even worse with these things… The layout is good, there is some scene desc, plus sample pictures and trailers, but somehow the whole site feels cheap!
Niches: Softcore   Young Adults  
Teen Core Club
Teen Core Club Score: 89.9 Public Date: 2017-02-13 is the network’s “network” site, that puts all of the network’s content under one roof, so that the members can access all the material that they offer with only a few clicks of a button! First we have to start with the price! Even though you get quite a lot of material, the monthly fee of almost 40 bucks is just exaggeration! You have network’s that offer 5 times the amount of content for half of the price, so we have to ask… Guys really? 40 bucks?
Niches: Hardcore   Videos   Young Adults