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Pov Blowjobs
Pov Blowjobs Score: 81.8 Public Date: 2015-03-26
POV Blowjobs is a website which is showing a different way of blowjobs and giving the viewer an opportunity to see the action from the first row. Nice and interesting scenes, young girls and huge dicked guys, hardcore porn, sex plays with a lot of imagination and fantasy. An ideal place for getting new knowledge and ideas. Blowjobs and cumshots in “First-person shooter”. 20 bonus sites, low membership fee.
Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   Hardcore  
Only Teen Blowjobs
Only Teen Blowjobs Score: 83.0 Public Date: 2015-03-20
If you want to see how beautiful 18-20 year old horny chicks blow massive hard cocks, this site is a must watch. They offer the best looking teen models in great hardcore blowjob actions, with deepthroats, throatfucks or ball sucking scenes. The material comes in video and still image formats and in them you have all the type of chicks you can imagine. Sexy blonds, redheads or brunettes with huge or small tits, with our without piercings they simply have all the type of girls for you. The site looks good, the design is great, and with that simple navigation of theirs, it is easy to browse the site.
Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   High Def   Young Adults  
Absolute Handjobs
Absolute Handjobs Score: 78.3 Public Date: 2015-05-12
It’s not hard to figure out what king of content this site offers for its members… Yes there are great handjob, blowjob, and titjob scenes in the videos and pictures that can be found on All these hardcore cock teases in the videos or pictures are “done” by hot young babes. The site has a good simple design, with the content in focus. They show what kind of features the site offers, than come the sample pictures in the middle of the site with some text. The navigation goes really well with the site’s design, it looks good, it is simple and it does its job really well.
Niches: Blowjobs   Hand Jobs   Hardcore   Videos  
Over 40 Hand Jobs
Over 40 Hand Jobs Score: 75.0 Public Date: 2016-01-03
On this site you will see great hand job and blowjob scenes from milfs and matures who as the site states are older than 40 years old. You will see one on one scenes as well as threesome cock stroking with two horny chicks. Blonds, brunettes redheads and dark haired babes can all be seen on the site in these hand and blowjob scenes and images. The design is not the networks best work’ so far, it is not bad, but it is not that bad either. We would say that the built and the layout is quite decent but the colors and header picture is not the best. The navigation is good as we would expect it to be, so a pro for that.
Niches: Hand Jobs   Mature   MILF  
Gloryholes And Hand Jobs
Gloryholes And Hand Jobs Score: 78.8 Public Date: 2015-04-30
From the domain name, you can easily infer what kind of action you will see here, but what you don’t know is that the action is done by hot gay studs amongst each other. The scenario is like in every other regular gloryhole video or picture, you have the hole on the wall, at one side there is a dude with a boner while on the other side, in this case there is a cock hungry gay stud, who milks that cock with blow and handjobs. The design could be better, for our taste there is too much picture in picture styled background, plus there are some annoying texts… The navigation is decent but we have seen better!
Niches: Gay   Hardcore  
Naughty Foot Jobs
Naughty Foot Jobs Score: 68.9 Public Date: 2015-06-01
Naughty FootJobs is meant for the feet lover guys and girls who want to see great feet teasing and some hardcore scenes with stirring footjobs by these cute chicks and their sexy feet in nylons, boots or heels… All of these things are available on the site, which has a pretty decent or so called standard design when it comes to adult sites… A basic menu, some scene info or description and sample pictures under the actual scene itself. It is not bad, not it is spectacular, so we could say it is decent.
Niches: Fetish   Foot Jobs   Hardcore   Legs N Nylons  
Mean Hand Jobs
Mean Hand Jobs Score: 69.3 Public Date: 2015-06-02
You just have to read the site’s title and you’ll already know what kind of material you’ll get here, but stay with us, and we will give you everything that you need to know about, and their material! The words mean and handjob are probably clear to everyone, but when you put these words together you get something you don’t see every day! In the material horny studs receive hand jobs, but not just any kind of hand jobs… Before, during and after the cock teasing these babes really punish these handsome studs, and their cocks! Some babes start gently, and later do some pretty sick things like shooting the guys in the balls, punching their cocks with their fists and things like these!
Niches: Femdom   Fetish   Hand Jobs  
Taboo Tug Jobs
Taboo Tug Jobs Score: 73.3 Public Date: 2015-04-10
When it comes to tugjobs, there are a lot of ways to do it… Some only use their hands, some of the babes give head before doing these stirring handjobs, while others apply lubricants to make the tugjobs more slippery and enjoyable! We mentioned these types of tugjobs, because you will find every type of them on which is a hardcore site that features naughty babes who adore teasing the cocks with their hands. Younger babes, cougars, milf and matures… it doesn’t matter what age you are as long as you love giving tugjobs you will do it right! And the proof for this statement is in these videos that you get on!
Niches: Cum Shots   Hand Jobs   Hardcore  
Pantyhose Jobs
Pantyhose Jobs Score: 0.0 Public Date: 2016-04-19
If you are a true pantyhose lover, you will adore what you get on! They not only give you hardcore sex and materials that relate to pantyhose or the pantyhose fetish, but they focus on it in every scene, every image and in their every detail of their content! It is really rare to see such material, so as we once mentioned before, this is really for the hardcore fans of the pantyhose fetish! There is not one single scene or image that isn’t focusing on the beauty of this precious material, so the site is really all about the pantyhose!
Niches: Fetish   Hardcore   Legs N Nylons  
UK Hand Jobs
UK Hand Jobs Score: 70.8 Public Date: 2015-05-29
From the name of the site you can easily know what kind of material holds for its members, but lets review the site, so you know what kind of quality what types of babes and how much material you get for the membership that costs $24.51 for a month! Basically you already knows that the material is about handjobs and babes giving cock massages in these hardcore videos and pictures, but these chicks are not just any chick, they are probably the best looking hand job experts you can find in the UK! They will make the cocks cry in no time, so let’s check out what the material holds for us!
Niches: Cum Shots   Hand Jobs   Hardcore  
Excellent Hand Jobs
Excellent Hand Jobs Score: 75.9 Public Date: 2015-06-03
Excellent Handjobs brings you some really nasty handwork from both amateur and professional jerking princesses. If you ever had the luck of feeling a soft, feminine hand stroking out every dip of cum from your hard dick, you won't be interested in leaving this place anymore. You will find a wide variety of handjob techniques here, from slow and passionate to fast and ruthless, you pick the style in which you wish to get off.
Niches: Cum Shots   Hand Jobs   HD Porn  
Glamour Blowjobs
Glamour Blowjobs Score: 82.7 Public Date: 2015-03-23
It is always nice to watch hot babes on their knees gagging on stiff boners, and on Glamour Blowjobs you can watch the best looking angels of seduction showing their oral sex skills.
Niches: Blowjobs   Cum Shots   HD Porn  
I Like Hand Jobs
I Like Hand Jobs Score: 0.0 Public Date: 2015-01-05

Niches: Cum Shots   Hand Jobs   Hardcore  
Sinful Handjobs
Sinful Handjobs Score: 0.0 Public Date: 2015-07-09

Niches: Cum Shots   Hand Jobs   HD Porn  
Mobile Sinful Handjobs
Mobile Sinful Handjobs Score: 0.0 Public Date: 2015-07-17

Niches: Hand Jobs   Mobile   Videos