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Erotic BPM
Erotic BPM Score: 0.0 Public Date: 2016-04-23 is a really interesting site, you not only get your usual porn here, but it is a site where the techno, and harder electronic music lovers can chat, meet, share journals with each other and even share their artwork with other members… Basically we could say that it is an adult site with a “built in community part”… Although the site has a pretty unique theme with the mixture of community site and adult content, it has a really poor design! Usually we don’t say these things, but the design belongs to the garbage can…
Niches: Amateur   Fetish   Specialty  
Pregnant Mary
Pregnant Mary Score: 74.3 Public Date: 2015-05-15
On this site you will see great solo scenes with the beautiful pregnant teen, Mary. She decided that she will show to the world that being pregnant can be a great thing and that the pregnancy is not a thing that slows down the sexual life, more than speeds it up. She is horny all the time in these videos and pictures. You will see that her tummy is growing with each passing week in the content. Her site looks ok I guess, but if you ask me, there are too many things going on at it at once. Too much pictures, texts everywhere with various colors… It could be better if it would be a little ”cleaner”. The navigation is nothing special, it works and looks good.
Niches: Fetish   Individual Models   Pregnant  
Marysia Taktak
Marysia Taktak Score: 0.0 Public Date: 2015-02-12

Niches: Big Boobs   Individual Models  
Jesse Jane
Jesse Jane Score: 0.0 Public Date: 2015-01-20

Niches: Individual Models   Porn Stars